Ventes privées EN


Private sales - Sales with the Centre of your Company

(only possible for the requests which will be on the French metropolitan territory)
You Wish To expose On your premise? Why not!
If you are interested to organize one evening on your premise, original and who will impress your friend (E) then S do not hesitate to send an email to us or to telephone to us
We propose to you a presentation of all our jewels on your premise! The organizing one or organizer of the evening commits themselves inviting his/her friends with the evening. More this one will be made a success of more that will be beneficial for the organizer who will profit one to have usable in all our catalogue of an amount equal to 5% of the total amount of the actual sales the day of the presentation. This to have will be valid immediately on the spot the day of the presentation or during a 3 months deadline on our site of sale on line.  
Larimar France is committed providing you email of invitation, the leaflets and the posters. You will not have any more but to communicate to your friends.
You Wish an Exposure on Your Place of work? It is Possible !
Imagine an exposure of all the catalogue of jewels Larimar France within your company. It is possible and very simple to realize! Thus you will be able to see, touch, test all the jewels which you will want and to discover the pleasure of carrying single jewels which are made neither with the chains, nor out of machine.   For that, it is enough for you to go in your Work's council so: 1- to speak to the person in charge for your EC about it. 2- to communicate its co-ordinates to us by contacting us by email or telephone.   And the turn is played!   We will enter then in relation to your work's council and we will charge of all the organization. We will hold you informed follow-up of the exposure and you will not have any more but to speak about it around you.   During the exposure, to thank you, we will offer a handing-over of 10% to you on the jewel of your choice.
If however an exposure within your Work's council is not possible, we can forward to you of the posters which you will be able to propose at your EC or on any other display panel in order to make known with all Larimar France and his more beautiful selection of creations and imports of solid silver jewels, semi-precious stones. In all the cases do not hesitate to contact us for more informations.