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Modalities of delivery

the articles are sint to the purchaser to the address of delivery indicated during the process of the order.
LARIMAR FRANCE reserves the right to refuse to deliver an order whose address of delivery specifies a P.0. box in France or in any other country of the rest of the world.
Inaccuracy of the information provided by the User.
In the event of incomplete address, of bad address, refusal of parcel by the recipient or lack of information involving an impossibility of delivering the order, LARIMAR FRANCE will not be held responsible for the additional time of delivery. In the event of second presentation of the order, LARIMAR FRANCE reserves the right to claim with the User the expenses corresponding to this second delivery.
the delivery is carried out in “colissimo followed against signature” by the french postal services : LA POSTE. The products are delivered to the address indicated on the purchase order by the customer. To optimize the delivery at the customer, we ask him to specify an address where it could be delivered to the business hours. In absence of the recipient at the time of a first passage, the factor will carry out one 2nd presentation of the parcel. In the case of a new absence, an opinion will be left to allow a withdrawal the post office of the sector of delivery within 10 day. If this time is exceeded, the parcel will be turned over towards our company. We will renew contact with the purchaser to define the methods of a reforwarding. The reforwarding will be subjected then to an additional invoicing of the expenses of treatment and delivery the purchaser. The purchaser accepts that the telephone number of delivery, that it indicates to the company, makes it possible the postal services to contact it for a fast delivery. The deliveries towards the DOM are subjugated in the same conditions as the colissimo followed France with suitable tariffs. The deliveries towards TOM are subjugated under conditions different from the colissimo followed France with suitable tariffs.
-        The expenses of delivery and packing of the order are paying on site LARIMAR FRANCE depend on the weight of the ordering and the mode of delivery selected.
-         Any complaint carried out after the 7 days deadline (postmark being taken), could not be accepted by our services. The turned over incomplete, damaged, damaged, dirtied articles or carried neither will be shown, nor exchanged.
-         the times possibly indicated are average times and correspond to the times of treatment and delivery. The deadlines vary according to the destination and do not include/understand the public holidays as well as the weekends.
-         The average time lies between 2 and 15 days wrought as from the validation of the ordering of the User. It is of an average time according to the destination and about the availability of the products. The going beyond of this average time does not involve cancellation of the ordering of the User, does not give right any reduction, nor does not open right to any payment as damages, as long as the delivery does not exceed a 30 working days deadline according to the validation of the order.
 Beyond this 30 working days deadline, non-delivery gives right refunding
-        the whole of the announced times are calculated in working days.
The delivery periods indicated on the purchase order are given only as an indication. It S correspond to the make-ready time of the order, for that it is necessary to add the delivery period of the conveyor.
The possible delays do not give the right to the purchaser to cancel the sale, to refuse the goods or to claim damages.
 - For an order made up of several products, the time of forwarding of this order is then based on the longest time of forwarding. LARIMAR FRANCE reserves however the possibility of splitting the order in several deliveries, without additional cost for the customer. 
- Any article available in stock is dispatched under 2 to 5 days. In all the other cases, the availability can vary between 5 and 30 days according to the type of ordered products, this time will be announced on the card of the product in question.
-        If the products require to be returned to us, they must be the subject of a request for return near the site in the 7 days following the delivery. Any complaint formulated out of this time could not be accepted.
You must make absolutely certain the conformity of the goods at the time of the delivery and this, before signing the delivery order once signed bus, this checking is regarded as carried out. Also, in the event of product damaged or missing because of delivery, you must imperatively issue reserves near the conveyor and inform us within 3 days a maximum time per registered letter A/R.

price TTC from France to france
6.60 €
Price HT to DOM
(Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyane, Réunion, St Pierre et Miquelon, Mayotte)
12 €
Price HT to TOM
(New Calédonia, french Polynésy, Wallis et Futuna, Australs lands et french Antarctic)
28 €
Price HT to europ Zone 1
(germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Pays-Bas)
Price HT to europ Zone 2
(great britain, Italy, spain)
Price HT to europ Zone 3
(Autriche, Danemark, Irland et Portugal)
Price HT to europ Zone 4
(Finlande, Norvège, Sueden et Switzerland, Açores, Madère, Canaries)
Price HT to europ Zone 5
(Grèce, Hongrie, Islande, Pologne, République Tchèque, Slovaquie, Slovénie)
Price HT to europ Zone 6
(non desservie)
Price HT to- USA
30 €
Price HT to- Canada
30 €
Price HT to
35 €


















All orders will be delivered in a solid and discrete sending, with the address indicated by the Customer, at the time of his order. Only the regulated orders will be dispatched. In addition, LARIMAR FRANCE reserves the right to refuse any ordering of a purchaser with whom a litigation in progress would exist. With the delivery, the Customer is held to check the state of packing and the goods and to announce, within three day, the damage with the conveyor, like directly with LARIMAR FRANCE by e-mail or fax and within 3 days per letter registered with Acknowledgement of delivery.

the Customer has a seven working days deadline to turn over, with its expenses, the products not used not being appropriate to him in their packing of origin nine, with the following address: LARIMAR France – avenue petrarque 84800 FONTAINE DE VAUCLUSE   This time as from the day of the reception of the products by the Customer. In the event of exercise of the right of retractation, the Customer will have the choice to ask is the refunding of his order, except for the expenses of return which it will have engaged, that is to say the exchange of the product within the limit of stocks available. In the event of exchange, the amount of the forwarding costs of the new parcel will have to be joined at the request of stamp french posts or by bancal transfert.

the products are delivered to the address indicated by the consumer on the purchase order (only in Metropolitan France for the moment).
The consumer is held to check the state of the packing of the goods to the delivery and to announce the damage due to the conveyor on the delivery order, like in Larimar France, within two day.
The consumer can, with his request, to obtain the sending of an invoice to the bill-to-address and not to the address of delivery by validating the option envisaged to this end on the purchase order. With regard to forwarding, we work with the Post office by Colissimo Suivi delivered against signature.
The Post office
to reduce to the maximum the transport charges, all the products of weak or average obstruction are dispatched by a postal service Colissimo Suivi. In addition to the fact of being economic, this service delivers in 48H in all France and the possibility offers to you of recovering the products ordered from your post office close to the address of delivery in the event of absence of the place of initial delivery at the time of the presentation of the factor. Concretely, if you miss the day of the delivery, your factor will leave you a transit advice note in your letter-box, which will enable you to withdraw your parcel at your post office during the opening hours, within 15 day. Colissimo Suivi is a highly reliable service. However, it may be, as in any forwarding, which there can be a delay of delivery or which the product is mislaid. In the event of delay of delivery compared to the date that we indicated to you in the email of forwarding, we ask you to announce us this delay by calling us by telephone or by sending an email to us. We will then contact the Post office to make start an investigation. A Poste investigation can last up to 21 days as from the date of beginning of the investigation. So during this time, the product is found, it will be rebooked immediately in your residence (majority of the cases). If on the other hand the product is not found at the end of the 21 days deadline of investigation, the Post office regards the parcel as lost. It is only at this time that we can return you a product of replacement, with our expenses. If the ordered products were not available any more at this time, we would refund you assembling it of the products concerned with the loss of the conveyor. If the products were still available, but had changed selling prices on the site, we would apply the new selling prices, either by refunding you by cheque of the difference, or by requiring a complementary cheque relating to this price difference. We decline any responsibility as for lengthening for the delivery periods because of the conveyor, in particular in the event of loss of the products or strike.
Problems of delivery because of the conveyor
Any anomaly concerning the delivery (damages, produced missing compared to the delivery order, damaged parcel, broken products…) will have to be imperatively indicated on the delivery order in the form of “handwritten reserves”, accompanied by the signature of the customer. The consumer will have in parallel to confirm this anomaly by addressing to the conveyor in the two (2) following working days the delivery date a mail recommended with acknowledgement of delivery exposing the aforementioned complaints. The consumer will have to transmit copy of this mail to:
Larimar france
avenue petrarque
84800 fontaine de vaucluse
Errors of delivery
A - the consumer will have to formulate near the one-man business Larimar France the very same day of the delivery or at the latest the first wrought day following the delivery, any complaint of error of delivery and/or nonconformity of the products in kind or in quality compared to the indications being reproduced on the purchase order. Any complaint formulated beyond this time will be rejected.
B - The formulation of this complaint at Larimar France could be made: - in priority by telephone with of Monday at Saturday of 9h with 18h.
while connecting you on our site in the heading “follow your order”” where, after having entered your number of customer, you will be able to ask us your question through the menu to contact us by specifying the reference of the order well. - by e-mail with:
C - Any complaint not carried out in the rules defined above and the time limits could not be taken into account and will release the one-man business Larimar France of any responsibility with respect to the consumer.
D - With reception of the complaint, the one-man business Larimar France will allot a number of exchange product (S) concerned (S) and will communicate it by e-mail, fax or telephone with the consumer. The exchange of a product can take place only after attribution with the consumer of a number of exchange according to the step presented above.
E - In the event of error of delivery or exchange, very produced to exchange or refund will have to be turned over to the company Larimar France as a whole and in its packing of origin, in Colissimo Recommandé, to the following address: Larimar avenue petrarque 84800 fontaine de vaucluse - France
To be accepted, any return will have to be announced as a preliminary auprès Larimar France by email to: