Paiement sécurisé EN



Condition of payement

The User has various means of payment to pay his purchases on the Site:
-        by credit card (Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard): protected payment ensured by the bank CAISSE D’EPARGNE.
The data relating to the number of bank card of the User are encrypted starting from his computer and are transmitted thus encrypted directly to the organization of bank, which decipher them and manages the authorizations of taking away. To in no case, “LARIMAR FRANCE” does not have access and does not store the information relating to the credit cards of the Users.
The card emitted by banks installed out of France must imperatively be international credit cards.
For the payments in 2 or 3 times, will be authorized by the customer thanks to a document which the customer will have beforehand filled out with all his personal and banking co-ordinates stipulating that is authorized to output of their account the sums indicated on the delivery order.(+ document specific for the USA)
-        by bank check issued by a bank domiciled in Metropolitan France or in Monaco; in Euros with the order of LARIMAR FRANCE. The ordering of the User will then be reserved for one 7 days period wrought in waiting of the reception of the cheque. Beyond this time, the order will be regarded as cancelled. (only for Metropolitan France and Monaco).
The User will have to forward his payment by mail, accompanied by the purchase order to the following address: LARIMAR France, avenue pétrarque – 84800 Fontaine de vaucluse-. France.
It is important to note that by choosing this mode of payment, the order will be sent to the User only after cashing of the cheque by our banking house. The delivery period will be able in certain cases being carried to a deadline of 15-25 wrought days, in particular in the event of order higher than 200 euros.
-        In against-Refunding (only for the Metropolitan France, Monaco). The expenses of against refunding are the responsibility of the customer.
-        by credit transfer: the payment must be carried out in euros near the bank below: Bank CAISSE D’EPARGNE :
Code banque : 13485
Guichet : 30709
Numéro de compte : 04431750952
Clé : 89
Agence : 00173
IBAN (International Bank Account Number) :
 FR76 1348 5307 0904 4317 5095 289
Reserve property
the delivered goods will remain the property of “LARIMAR FRANCE” until the integral payment of the price of the order by the User, if necessary increased interests.
following contractual information will be the subject of email of confirmation after validation of the order by the customer containing following information:  
- The single number of order
- the detail of the bought products
- the total amount of the order, its price including all taxes and the amount of the expenses of delivery
- the means of payment chosen by the Customer
- the address of delivery
- references of the site.
a purchase order will be joined to each delivery
 Any attempt at fraud, very amount of purchase and whatever is the origin, will be the subject of penal continuations. The entirety of the data collected concerning to you will then be transmitted to the Parquet floor for investigation.
 Recall of the terms of Article 313-1 of the Penal code:  
“The swindle is the fact, either by the use of a false name or a false quality, or by the abuse a true quality, or by the use of fraudulent schemes, to mislead a person or entity and to thus determine it, with its damage or the damage of a third, to give from the funds, values or an unspecified good, to provide a service or to authorize an operative act obligation or discharge. The swindle is punished five years of imprisonment and 375.000 euros fine. »