WHO we are ?



Old’s today of 37 years, it is after having visited many countries, that Marie-Laure chose to devote herself to Larimar.    Since its youth, it was bathed in the medium of mineralogy.
As of the end of its studies, after a one year experiment in data processing, it is turned over to work in the shop of its mom. Seasonal shop established in Pézenas (Herault) specialized in the sale of minerals, fossils, jewels.
The important request of the store brought to travel to import goods. Its first voyage at the 20 years age was in India. The original jewels that it brought back, had so much of success which I traversed the world with the research of the exceptional stone.
In 2001, I left for Dominican Republic with a precise idea: the LARIMAR. I needed several voyages to manage to buy raw material with the mine, then to make it cut and of course make it go up in jewels.
In Dominican Republic, there are two exceptional matters: The LARIMAR, and AMBER BLUE. For 6 years now, I have been the only one in France to import jewels in larimar whose matter was bought directly to the minors.
The larimar is a stone with subtle nuances the blue ones and white (one often compares it with the color water).
At the time of my last voyage, I accompanied PATRICK VOILLOT (realizer of documentary on the stones) to make a film which will be diffused on France 5 as of the re-entry 2007. This is talking film primarily about Larimar and amber blue.
I am what my friends call women  “Indiana of Jones” of modern time. A new country to always explore and discover the stone which I could diffuse and make known.

My trade is based primarily on the travels. During 7 years, I held a shop in `Les Contamines Montjoie’. I could during these sedentary months create collections of jewels, which strong of their success push me today to create an Internet web  site .